About us

Registrated in The Kennel Club of Serbia, number 5527, our breeder is the place where extraordinary and happy puppies are born. A story about us as breeders started in Obrenovac in 2010 when we opened our door to the amazing female labradors MAZA and BONI. Fascinated by their nobleness and love they unconditionally have been giving us, we have slowly started to develop enthusiasm for professional dog breeding. We left a well bred puppy from the first litter, female labrador called AKICA MISTIC. As the first “big star” of our labrador breeder, she has started the trend of success and prices on numerous dog exhibitions. Pedigree male dog called ARMAGEDON LOVE MAKER has made a bloodline improvement and became very successful on dog exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, all together with our breeder’s pride, female called BONITA BEAUTIFUL ANGEL STAR.

Labradors are playful, inteligent and cuddly dogs who will never stop to charm you and make you happy with their kindness. If you want a reliable, devoted and clever dog for yourself, your child and your family, you are on the right place.

From the beginning till now, we are taking care with exceptional attention and commitment of every labrador puppy born in our breeder, in order to be healthy and well bred. With all our love and attention, they are growing up to wonderful dogs who bring to their future owners immense amount of joy and pride. All our puppies are orderly vaccinated, cleansed from parasites and ready for their new home.

We are proud on the fact that our dogs have the famous bloodlines, such as Corn lands, Trendmaker’s, Mallorn’s and Rocheby. All of them have their own genealogy with all relevant data about their origin. Also, all our adult champions have X-ray of their hips and elbows HD-A and ED-O.

Mutual trust is a base of every successful cooperation. For that reason, labrador breeder “Beautiful Angel Star” is opened for everyone who wants to personally make sure in qualities of our dogs, as well as their breeding conditions. We are here to offer you a professional help in choosing the right puppy for you and also any additional advice useful for new owner, no matter if you are looking for a pet or an exhibition dog.

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